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About DM -Dharmmandal is going to celebrate 93rd birth anniversary in Dusherra year 2024....
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Dharm Mandal History Dharm Mandal History
History  DM established in 1932 by three founders of Sarai-Harkhu"...

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Dharm Mandal Achievements Dharm Mandal Achievements
Achievements DM completed 92 years and celebrated its Golden, Diamond and Platinum Jublee....
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Events Ramleela of year 2024 will share soon..
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Dharm Mandal Smarika Patrika
Dharm Mandal Smarika Patrika - Testimonials

Testimonials from the previous issues of Dharmmandal magazine "Smarika" .

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Ram Lila


Motive of Dharm Mandal is to distribute great teachings of Lord "Shri Ram Chandra".

We are going to become a movement




DharmMandal annual July Saraiharkhu meeting scheduled on 13th July'24 in Saraiharkhu Jaunpur. DharmMandal members are requsted to attend this.
Meeting Agenda

1. पिछली कार्यवाही की समीक्षा एवं पुष्टि |

2. वर्ष 2023 के आय-व्यय का प्रश्तुतीकरण |

3. वर्ष 2024 के प्रदर्शन तिथि का निर्धारण |

4. आमंत्रण पत्र वितरण हेतु तिथि का निर्धारण |

5. आगामी प्रदर्शन के बजट पर विचार |

6. निर्देशक महोदय द्वारा पात्र वितरण सूची का प्रश्तुतीकरण |

7. अन्य बाते अध्यछ महोदय की अनुमति से |

Dharmmandal Bank Details for donation Bank Name: "Union Bank Of India"
Branch: "DHANIAMAU" State: "Uttar Pradesh" A/C NO: "432502010999036" IFS CODE: "UBIN0543250" Account name: "SHRI SITARAM DHARM MANDAL SARAIHARKHU JAUNPUR." "Bank Details"

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Research done on Dharmmandal by Associate Professor of BHU Varanasi "Dr Shanti Swaroop Sinha". Dharmmandal Research

Dharmmandal awarded from Kayasth Samiti for his hard work and achievment towards society in 2014.

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